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Wednesday, August 23, 2017   11.24 AM

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Outages and Alerts

Outages and Alerts is a collection point for all announcements related to TTS and school-based systems and services. This is the place to look if you need to find out about downtimes, scheduled maintenance, network status and more.

Please note: Maintenance windows for all Tufts IT systems and services are scheduled weekly on Sunday from 6am to 10am and Friday morning from 12am to 2am. Users should not expect services to be accessible during the maintenance windows.

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Outages summary temporarily unavailable. Please check back later.

For System Owners

To sign up for an email list to notify you of all alerts and outages, visit elist.tufts.edu and search/subscribe to system-announcements@elist.tufts.edu.

For RSS feeds regarding outages and alerts, please use the following links for your campus:


For questions or concerns about this site or outage listings, please contact the TTS Client Support Center.

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